Robert Langer wins the 2023 Dr. Paul Janssen Award (12/2023)


Robert Langer wins the 2022 Balzan Prize (9/14/22)

Bob Langer Wins BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biology and Biomedicine! (1/26/22)


Bob Langer and colleagues analyze how the surfaces of silicone breast implants affect the immune system


– Bob Langer receives the 2020 Maurice Marie-Janot Award


Robert Langer wins the 2019 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences

AIChE announces Langer Prize for Innovators and Entrepreneurs


Bob Langer named #1 Master of the Bench, Medicine Maker “Power List”


– Bob Langer received an Honorary Doctor of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
– Bob Langer named World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds list, 2016 Thomson Reuters


Bob Langer helps to create an ingestible sensor that measures heart and breathing rates – November 18, 2015

Bob Langer received the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering – October 26, 2015

Langer and colleagues develop a pH-responsive polymer gel that could create swallowable devices – July 27, 2015

Bob Langer’s Microchips Biotech signs deal to commercialize implantable drug-delivery devices – June 29, 2015

Bob Langer – 2015 Medicine Maker Power List – May 12, 2015

– Langer lab has designed implantable device to allow cancer drug testing in patients – April 22

Langer lab develops a self-healing nanogel to aid drug delivery – February 19

Profs. Anderson and Langer work to help control diabetes – February 9

– Bob Langer’s Controlled Drug Release Technology featured in IBiology video series. February 2015, [Watch Video – III parts]

Bob Langer wins Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering – February 3, 2015


Bob Langer named Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 – December 16

Bob Langer profiled on Chemical Heritage Foundation’s “Scientists You Must Know” video – September 2

Bob Langer receives Kyoto Prize – June 20


Bob Langer receives the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences – December 13

Bob Langer unlocks a new means of growing intestinal stem cells – December 1

The Langer lab designs drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally – November 27

Professors Anderson and Langer develop an injectable nanogel to help fight diabetes – May 16

Profs Anderson, Hammond and Langer practice medicine at the nanoscale – March 11

Professors Jensen and Langer find a way to deliver RNA, proteins and nanoparticles by “squeezing” cells – January 23

Bob Langer wins Israel’s Wolf Prize in Chemistry – January 2, 2013


Bob Langer to receive the 2013 National Medal of Technology and Innovation – December 21, 2012

NYTimes profiles the Langer lab – November 24, 2012

Bob Langer wins the Wilhelm Exner Medal, considered the “Austrian Nobel Prize.” – November 8, 2012

Using ultrasound waves, Professors Blankschtein and Langer have found a way to enhance the permeability of skin to drugs, making transdermal drug delivery more efficient – September 14, 2012

Bob Langer’s new tissue scaffold could be used for drug development and implantable therapeutic devices – August 27, 2012

Bob Langer designs nanoparticles that deliver high doses of antibiotics directly to bacteria – May 4, 2012

Bob Langer wins 2012 Perkin Award, the highest honor for the US industrial chemical industry – April 25, 2012

Bob Langer and Dan Anderson have developed nanoparticles that could manufacture cancer drugs at tumor sites – April 9, 2012

Bob Langer’s targeted nanoparticles show success in clinical cancer trials – April 4, 2012

The Tech interviews Institute Professor Robert Langer – December 13, 2011

Bob Langer wins Priestley Medal, chemistry’s top awardJune 21, 2011

Bob Langer’s work highlighted on NOVA’s Feb. 9 “Making Stuff: Smarter” (minute 40:35) – February 9, 2011

Professor Robert Langer ’74’s controlled drug release technology a “baby boomer invention that changed the world” – December 30, 2010

Professor Bob Langer develops nanoparticle to improve cancer drug delivery. MIT News, October 5, 2010

Professor Bob Langer receives NAE Founders Award. MIT News, october 1, 2010

Professor Bob Langer works to help Julie Andrews sing again,, October 22, 2009

Dr. Lisa E. Freed’s research featured on NIH and Stories of Recovery. [Watch the video] October 2009

Nature shares a day in the life of Professor Bob Langer, Nature News, March 4, 2009

Prof. Langer wins the 2008 Millennium Technology Prize, June 11, 2008

Langer won the $1.2 million Millennium Technology Prize, Boston Herald, “The Ticker” by staff and wire reports, June 12, 2008 

MIT professor Robert Langer wins $1.2M technology prize, Boston Herald, by Associated Press, June 11, 2008

Prof. Langer wins the 2008 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research for the creation of new materials for the benefit of mankind, June 5, 2008

Prof. Langer wins top German science award, March 18, 2008

Prof. Langer and ChemE students develop a gecko-inspired bandage, Feb. 18, 2008

Professor Langer demonstrates drug delivery by nanoparticle, February 13, 2008

Three from MIT win top U.S. science, technology honors, July 16, 2007 | Photos

Langer throws out the ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park, July 28, 2006

Langer honored for his 30 years of innovation, July 14-16, 2006 (Event Detail)

Langer inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame, May 6, 2006

Prof. Langer won the ACS Award in Chemistry of Materials C&EN News, Jan. 1, 2007

Cancer Smart Bomb, ScienCentral News, May 11, 2006

Langer has been named Institute Professor, March 2, 2005

A dab relieves pain of the jab, August 18, 2004

Langer award cites cancer work, June 2004

Langer wins two prestigious prizes for biomedical advances, December 3, 2003

Stem cells ‘seeded’ on polymer scaffold, October 22, 2003

MIT, California Schools receive $50M grant for Army research, September 10, 2003

Technology Licensing Office has terrific year, ‘Super Week’, March 19, 2003

Julie Andrews hopes to sing praises of research team, June 18, 2002

‘Biorubber’ opens doors for tissue engineering, June 5, 2002

MIT World videos now streaming from WGBH web site, June 5, 2002

MIT affiliates dominate Technology Review’s TR100 list, June 5, 2002

MIT’s biorubber ushers in new possibilities in tissue engineering, May 31, 2002

Facts on Cambridge, MIT and the biotech industry, May 6, 2002

Smart suture is first application of novel MIT polymer, April 25, 2002

Here & There: A Truly Beautiful Mind, April 10, 2002

Langer team reports source of cells for engineered human blood vessels, April 3, 2002

Team reports source of human cells for engineered blood vessels, March 28, 2002

Langer awarded $500,000 Draper Prize for engineering, February 27, 2002

Charles Stark Draper Prize
MIT Bioengineering Professor Awarded 2002 Draper Prize
The 2002 Draper Prize

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Robert S. Langer Wins 1998 Lemelson-MIT Prize

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Body Building Episode Premiered, May 28, 2002
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Smart Fibers May Improve Future For Sutures Langer Awarded 2002 Draper Prize

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Lecture: Biomaterials and How They Will Change our Lives,
March 28, 2002

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For top scientists, prizes a growing source of income, June 22, 2004
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FDA OK’s needle-free injection device , August 19, 2004

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America’s Best: Science and Medicine
, 2001

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Plastic Man : 85 Years of Ideas, December 23,2002
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MIT Professor Wins ’Engineering Nobel’, February 22, 2002

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